Eco Jarrah Mulch

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A premium blend of crushed Jarrah bark and shavings combined with soft-rounded microchips for universal use

Made of 100% Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata)

Native to Western Australia

Small to medium size: 0 - 55mm* in Diameter

Naturally dark drown / burgandy colour


#1 for water retention and weed suppression

Biologically stable and universal for most garden applications

Recommended alternative for playground mulch

Enhances the appearance of landscapes

Reduces water evaporation

Hard wearing and long lasting

Moisture retention

Soil temperature moderation

Weed control

Inhibits weed germination

Moisture retentive

Sustainable procurement


Aesthetics & Decoration

Increasing Nitrogen Soil Levels

Optimizing Plant Growth

Regulation Of Soil Temperature

Retaining Soil Moisture

Water Conservation

Weed Control and Suppression

Coverage in Wind Swept Areas


Nature Play (1m fall height): Install at 250mm thickness

Nature Play (2m fall height): Install at 350mm thickness

Nature Play (3m fall height): Install at 450mm thickness

Water Conservation: Spread at 50 - 100mm thickness

Ground Cover: Spread at 50 - 75mm thickness

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

This product is made from natural residual resources that are not a consistent material. The final product may vary in colour and size per batch or when compared with the sample images displayed on this website. To ensure you are satisifed with this product we recommend requesting a sample prior to purchasing.

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